Meet The Flockers

Without further delay, I’d like to introduce you to the family.

April AKA “La Grosse Grise”

April has been around from the start. She was born in April (haha) 2009, and came to live with us in June of that same year. April is a Barred Rock laying hen and she has quite the personality. She can be stubborn, but when she feels like it, she can perform tricks and is very friendly.

Rose AKA “Ugly”

Rose is a newer addition to the family. We received Rose in May 2010, from Anzil’s English Setters, located in Hanmer. Rose is either a Lavender Cochin hen or a Cochin/Faverolle mix. She is the reason why we have little baby chicks. In July, we noticed that she was constantly brooding over her unfertilized eggs so we decided to go back to  Anzil’s and get nine fertilized eggs. We switched them with the unfertilized eggs and about 30 days later they began to hatch.

The Chicks

Here are our babies. All nine hatched, which was unexpected. We have a mix of Golden Silkies, White Silkies, and Golden Laced Polish chickens. It’s too early to tell which are female and which are male. We plan on keeping them all through the winter but eventually the roosters are going to have to find a new home. We have a few prospects; a couple of our friends have farms or land. Until then, we will enjoy their cuteness!


Breaking News: The Seagull Has Landed!

Last night as I was leaving work, I noticed a bird under my co-worker’s car. I realized it had an injured wing and wasn’t able to fly so I decided to pick it up and bring it home. I had to drive with one hand on the wheel and one hand holding the bird. I think my co-workers thought I was crazy.

The seagull is now living in my boyfriend’s garage. We named him Bridget (yes, a boy named Bridget) and we fed him steak, a tortilla, crackers and some lettuce.

Now I know there aren’t any benefits to owning a seagull, but hopefully he’ll get better and be able to join his seagull friends soon. If not, I might try to introduce him to the chickens.

Does anyone know anything about rehabilitating a seagull?

UPDATE:  Only 12 hours after being rescued, Bridget sadly passed away. Hopefully his last night on earth was comfortable. He will be missed.

UPDATE: Upon further review, Bridget was a pigeon, not a seagull. Thanks Shelby!

Hello world!

Welcome to the coop!

My name is Janie and my boyfriend Alex and I are the proud owners of two hens and nine baby chicks. Here you’ll be able to follow our experiences with them.

Raising chickens in the city is a very beneficial past time. Not only are they cute but chickens also provide fresh eggs, natural fertilizers for the garden, and much more. I don’t recommend keeping roosters though, especially if you have neighbors.

We’ve had the hens for over a year now, but the baby chicks were born on August 30th and boy are they growing fast!

Stay tuned to meet the flock…

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