Back In Business

Rose in the coop after laying her egg. Notice the egg on the top shelf.

This morning, Alex and I woke up to the sound of a chicken squawking. We thought something was wrong so Alex ran out in his boxers and noticed that Rose AKA “Ugly” was making all the noise. Everything seemed fine though, and all the other chickens were worm hunting around the yard so we thought nothing of it.

Later on around the kitchen table, we noticed Rose had gone into the coop alone. That’s when it clicked: “I bet she’s going to lay an egg!”

We waited while she did her thing, then Alex ran out to pick up the egg.

It was smaller than it used to be, but that’s to be expected. We broke out the frying pan, cracked the egg and made ourselves a mini sunny side up breakfast snack. Delicious!

Hurray! Our hens are back in business!